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Category: Students


Book Cover Preview
College Grad Seeks Future
Turning Your Talents, Strengths, and Passions into the Perfect Career
Howard R Greene, Matthew W Greene PHD
ISBN 9780312315429
208p. / Published 2010
8 1/4 x 6 1/4, Softcover
   Price: $17.99
You save: $2.00!
Now $15.99

In the coming year, college graduates will have a more difficult time than ever entering the job market. Opportunities in traditional fields are shrinking as the competition increases exponentially. Despite this glaring truth, far too many post-...
Book Cover Preview
How to Be a Student Entrepreneur
Junior Ogunyemi
ISBN 9781907722585
188p. / Published 2011
5.5 x 8.5, Softcover
   Price: $21.99

Would you like to be fi nancially free and live life fully? Are you at a crossroads with regards to what to do when you fi nish your education? Do you want to create another stream of income so you can quit that boring part-time job?...
Book Cover Preview
How To Get Any Job, 2nd Ed.
Career Launch and Re-Launch for Everyone Under 30 (or How to Avoid Living in Your Parents' Basement)
Donald Asher
ISBN 9781580089470
240p. / Published 2009
   Price: $19.99

Donald Asher, believes that success comes from an alignment of passion and preparation. First tip: Your college major has very little to do with your job options. In fact, you can get to virtually any life-goal destination from virtually an...
Book Cover Preview
Knock em Dead
Secrets & Strategies for First Time Job Seekers
Martin Yate
ISBN 9781440536786
256p. / Published 2013
8.5 x 5.25, Softcover
   Price: $16.95
You save: $1.00!
Now $15.95

It is tough landing your first job out of school and starting that climb up the ladder of success in such an uncertain world. In Knock em Dead: Secrets & Strategies, you will learn how to get what you want out of life:

Book Cover Preview
Resume 101
A Student and Recent-Grad Guide to Crafting Resumes and Cover Letters That Land Jobs
Quentin J. Schultze
ISBN 9781607741947
144p. / Published 2012
8.5 x 10.5, Softcover
   Price: $13.99
You save: $2.00!
Now $11.99

Minimal job experience? No problem! 
You’ve just graduated and are ready to land your first real job after college or high school. But how do you write the first résumé and cover letter of your career if you don’t...

Book Cover Preview
Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Grads
Finding a Path to Your Perfect Career
Sheila Curran, Suzanne Greenwald
ISBN 1580087094
336p. / Published 2006
7 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $21.95

Most people would love to have 20/20 hindsight on their careers. In Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Grads, college career experts Sheila Curran and Suzanne Greenwald have assembled the next best thing: the collective wisdom of a diverse and inspi...

Book Cover Preview
Summer Jobs Worldwide 2012
Make the Most of the Summer Break
Susan Griffith
ISBN 9781854585974
368p. / Published 2012
8.25 x 5.25, Softcover
   Price: $26.95

The only annually updated guide to summer jobs available for anyone taking a gap year or summer break. Now in its 43rd edition, Summer Jobs Worldwide 2012 is packed with over 50,000 paid and unpaid job opportunities around the w...
Book Cover Preview
Ten Ways to Straight A's
The Complete Guide to Success in School and Beyond
Sorelle Ayn Merkur
ISBN 1896324363
192p. / Published 2000
6 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $19.95
You save: $5.00!
Now $14.95

An essential book for anybody striving to achieve school success! In Ten Ways to Straight A's you will learn: how to prepare for class; the importance of note taking; effective essay preparation and writing; everything you need to know about exams; a...

Book Cover Preview
The Canadian Summer Job Directory, 4th Ed.
Canada's Best Directory for Finding Work in the Summer
Editors for Sentor Media
ISBN 9781896324333
240p. / Published 2009
6 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $19.95

Looking for a summer job? The Canadian Summer Job Directory has it all! You've made a great start! We've provided an extensive list of employers and government programs that offer summer jobs in Canada. Ever considered...

Book Cover Preview
The Education Planner, 6th Edition
An Essential Planning Guide for Students & Parents
Rodger Harp
ISBN 9781894422482
40p. / Published 2008
6.25 x 8.5, Softcover
   Price: $6.95

Get the most out of your high school years and look ahead to postsecondary options in this small workbook with big results!
The Education Planner will help you determine:
  • The lifes...
Book Cover Preview
The Job of Your Life, 2nd Ed.
Groundbreaking Steps for Getting the Work You Want
Karen Schaffer
ISBN 9781896324371
256p. / Published 2009
6 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $23.95

The Job of Your Life is a warm, funny, totally real take on what you really need to be dreaming about to change your career.
Author Karen Schaffer suggest radical new ways of thinking about work, jobs, passi...
Book Cover Preview
What Color Is Your Parachute? for Teens, 2nd Ed.
Discovering Yourself, Defining Your Future
Carol Christen, Richard N. Bolles
ISBN 9781580081412
192p. / Published 2010
6 x 9, Softocver
   Price: $19.99

In today’s über-competitive climate, you can’t just wing it when you graduate and count on finding a great job (or a great job finding you). It pays to figure out your interests early, so you can decide what additional schooling—and tuition debt...

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