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Category: Interviews


Book Cover Preview
101 Smart Questions to Ask On Your Interview, 2nd Edition
Ron Fry
ISBN 9781418040017
192p. / Published 2006
8.25 x 5.5, Softcover
   Price: $13.95
You save: $1.00!
Now $12.95

101 Smart Questions to Ask On Your Interview is for every job candidate who thinks "Do you have any questions for me?" marks the end of an interview. In the author`s view, it marks the beginning of the last and pe...
Book Cover Preview
101 Successful Interviewing Strategies
Eric Kramer
ISBN 9781435459823
160p. / Published 2011
8.25 x 5.25, Softcover
   Price: $14.95

Now job seekers or any professional pursuing advancement can masterthe skills needed to prepare for and win interviews with Kramer`s 101 Successful Interviewing Strategies. Written by an expert career coach and clinical psychologist, this unique...
Book Cover Preview
101 Toughest Interview Questions
And Answers That Win the Job!
Daniel Porot, Frances Bolles Haynes
ISBN 9781580088497
248p. / Published 2009
   Price: $15.99

Nothing is more crucial to landing your dream job than a stellar performance in the all-important interview, that nerve-wracking final step to every job search. Extensively updated and revised for today`s highly competitive employment market, th...
Book Cover Preview
Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions, Second Edition
Matthew DeLuca
ISBN 9780071741453
240p. / Published 2010
6 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $15.95

Answers that will get you hired! From the bestselling interview guide, no...
Book Cover Preview
Competency-Based Interviews
Master the Tough New Interview Style and Give Them the Answers That Will Win You the Job
Robin Kessler
ISBN 1564148696
256p. / Published 2006
5.25 x 8.25, Softcover
   Price: $18.50

Have you ever wondered why you didn’t get a job offer after an important interview?

People interviewing for jobs today often fail because they are using yesterday’s strategies. They haven’t realized that the best employers have changed the way in...

Book Cover Preview
Instant Interviews
101 Ways to Get the Best Job of Your Life
Jeffrey G. Allen
ISBN 9780470438473
320p. / Published 2009
9 x 6, Softcover
   Price: $19.95

Get all the interviews you want-instantly!

It's a jungle out there-a jobjungle. You're crouching-and grouching-waiting impatiently to attack the next job that appears. You hear a rustle through the trees and hold your breath. Somethin...

Book Cover Preview
Interview Answers in a Flash
More than 200 flash card-style questions and answers to prepare you for that all-important job interview!
Pat Criscito CPRW, Dee Funkhouser
ISBN 9780764145940
448p. / Published 2011
6.5 x 4.25, Softcover
   Price: $15.99

Job hunters in today's tight employment market need all the help they can get. Help in preparing for a job interview is especially important because the interview is where prospective employers decide whether or not to hire an applicant. Using t...
Book Cover Preview
Interview Magic, 2nd Ed.
Job Interview Secrets from America\'s Career and Life Coach
Susan Britton Whitcomb
ISBN 9781593575724
480p. / Published 2008
8.5 x 11, Softcover
   Price: $19.95

More than an interview how-to, this career dictionary holds A-to-Z secrets from America\'s most trusted career coach. Future-proof your career as you learn to provide value to employers, create a memorable career brand, quadruple your interview ...
Book Cover Preview
Interview Success
Get the Edge: A Teach Yourself Guide
Julie Gray
ISBN 9780071785273
208p. / Published 2012
7.75 x 5, Softcover
   Price: $16.00
You save: $1.00!
Now $15.00

Interview Success is only steps away!
Includes the following sections: 
1. Interview preparation
2. Researching an employer
3. Questions to expect
4. Refine your interview answers
Book Cover Preview
Job Interview Success
Be Your Own Coach
Jenny Rogers
ISBN 9780077130183
240p. / Published 2011
8.5 x 6, Softcover
   Price: $18.95

One of the most important keys to achieving success in your career is the ability to impress at interview.
Although it is fundamental to getting any job, the interview is still an experience most professionals dread...
Book Cover Preview
Job Interviews for Dummies, 2nd Ed.
Joyce Lain Kennedy
ISBN 9780764552250
312p. / Published 2000
7 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $19.99
You save: $1.00!
Now $18.99

Appearance. Performance skills. Confidence. All are winning – and attainable – traits that will help you land the job you want. You can acquire these skills by perusin...
Book Cover Preview
Knock `em Dead Book Set
4 Great Books - One Great Price!
Martin Yate
ISBN 1896324556
1000p. / Published 2013
6 x 9, Softcover (Various)
   Price: $65.84
You save: $5.89!
Now $59.95

The Knock `em Dead Book Set has four popular titles included. The job search is covered with this one essential set. It is a must for any school, library or employment centre!

Included is this book set:
Book Cover Preview
Knock `em Dead Job Interview
How to Turn Job Interviews Into Job Offers
Martin Yate
ISBN 9781440536793
256p. / Published 2012
8.25 x 5.25, Softcover
   Price: $15.95

Land the job you want! The interview is one of the most crucial moments of the job search experience and your chance to show your potential employer that you have what it takes to succeed in the position. In order to do that in ...
Book Cover Preview
Monster Careers: Interviewing
Master the Moment That Gets You the Job
Jeffrey Taylor, Doug Hardy
ISBN 9780143035770
240p. / Published 2005
8 x 5, Softcover
   Price: $14.95

The founder of Monster, the world's leading online job search network, furnishes valuable advice on how to identify and sharpen the skills necessary to prepare for and succeed at any type of job interview, with step-by-step guidelines on how to ...
Book Cover Preview
Sell Yourself in Any Interview
Use Proven Sales Techniques to Land Your Dream Job
Oscar Adler
ISBN 9780071549097
200p. / Published 2008
   Price: $15.95


After forty years of training managers to interview and hire the best employees, Oscar Adler uncovered a common mistake applicants make during the interview process: The...

Book Cover Preview
Tackling Interview Questions in a Week
Mo Shapiro, Alison Straw
ISBN 9781444159011
121p. / Published 2012
7.75 x 5, Softcover
   Price: $13.00

The ability to give a successful answers to tough interview questions is crucial to anyone who wants to advance their career. Written by Mo Shapiro and Alison Straw, leading experts on interviews as both coaches and practitioners, this book quic...
Book Cover Preview
The Everything Job Interview Book, 3rd Ed.
All You Need to Know to Stand Out in Today`s Competitive Job Market
Lin Grensing-Pophal
ISBN 9781440531323
304p. / Published 2011
9 x 7.75, Softcover
   Price: $16.95
You save: $1.00!
Now $15.95

A job interview can be both terrifying and exciting; interviewees are always eager to put their best foot forward and make a great impression. However, many aspects of this fairly typical business procedure have changed in recent times, and job-...
Book Cover Preview
The Everything Job Interview Question Book
Best Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions
Dawn Rosenberg McKay
ISBN 9781440569555
255p. / Published 2013
8.5 x 6, Softcover
   Price: $15.99

An expert guide to the answers that will get you hired!
What`s the surefire way to overcome the stress of a job interview and get the job you want? Be prepared!

It isn`t enough to be qualified and have a stellar resume--y...
Book Cover Preview
The Everything Practice Interview Book
Make the Best Impression - And Get the Job You Want!
Dawn Rosenburg McKay
ISBN 9781605500508
304p. / Published 2009
6 x 9.25, Softcover
   Price: $15.95
You save: $1.00!
Now $14.95

Being highly qualified for a job isn\'t enough to get the competitive edge in today\'s job market - a candidate needs to ace the interview as well. Career planning expert Dawn Rosenberg McKay gives you the best answers to more than 200 of the to...
Book Cover Preview
The Interview Book, 2nd Ed.
Your Definitive Guide to the Perfect Interview
James Innes
ISBN 9780273776628
298p. / Published 2012
6 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $24.99

This is the definitive, bestselling guide to planning, preparing and performing in interviews to maximise your chances of landing the job you want. The guidance in this book has been tried, tested and honed to perfection. The unique content incl...
Book Cover Preview
Top Notch Interviews
Tips, Tricks, and Techniques from the First Call to Getting the Job You Want
Brian Davis
ISBN 9781601631145
218p. / Published 2010
9 x 6, Softcover
   Price: $16.95

Few of us have ever experienced anything like the current job market. Millions of jobs have disappeared, and everyone from experienced executives to newly minted college graduates are facing the toughest environmen...
Book Cover Preview
When Can You Start?
How to Ace the Interview and Win the Job
Paul Freiberger
ISBN 9780988702806
248p. / Published 2013
8.5 x 5.5, Softcover
   Price: $13.95

In a tough job market, only a select few succeed at the interview process. What sets them apart? As President of Shimmering Resumes, Paul Freiberger helps job seekers rise above the competition and get hired. Now he\'s givin...

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