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Category: Job Search


Book Cover Preview
101 Ways to Land a Job in Troubled Times
Jay Block
ISBN 9780071663281
208p. / Published 2010
8.5 x 11, Softcover
   Price: $18.95

In 101 Best Ways to Land a Job in Troubled Times, Jay Block helps you approach your job transition strategically not as a one-time search, but as a campaign of discovery through which you`ll achieve your career objectives. Follow his easy f...

Book Cover Preview
Career Building
Your Total Handbook for Finding a Job and Making It Work
Experts at
ISBN 9780061579103
288p. / Published 2009
8.5 x 5.25, Softcover
   Price: $21.99
You save: $6.04!
Now $15.95

Career Building is your one-stop guide to finding a job, navigating the corporate ladder, and leaving when the time is right.
From the experts at, comes a complete handbook f...
Book Cover Preview
Cracking The Hidden Job Market
How to Find Opportunity in Any Economy
Donald Asher
ISBN 9781580084949
208p. / Published 2010
   Price: $16.99

Can’t find a job? Maybe you’re seeing only half the picture!
Half the job market is invisible.

Are you spending all your time applying to posted job openings—postings that draw hundreds, and in some cases, thousa...

Book Cover Preview
EZ Occupational Outlook Handbook
Editors at JIST
ISBN 9781593578312
336p. / Published 2011
10.5 x 8.25, Softcover
   Price: $20.95

This reader-friendly reference features engaging, one-page descriptions of nearly 260 jobs, including those in the most recent Occupational Outlook Handbook, plus new green careers. It was developed to allow quick, convenient reading and ...
Book Cover Preview
Fearless Job Hunting
Powerful Psychological Strategies for Getting the Job You Want
Bill Knaus, Sam Klarreich, Russell Grieger, Nancy Knaus
ISBN 9781572248342
216p. / Published 2010
9 x 6, Softcover
   Price: $17.95

In Fearless Job Hunting, leading psychologists and business consultants show readers how to meet the challenge of finding the right job and overcome the anxiety inherent to the job hunting process using psychological strateg...
Book Cover Preview
Finding a Job After 50
Reinvent Yourself for the 21st Century
Jeannette Woodward
ISBN 1564148947
192p. / Published 2007
6 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $18.95

When you’re 50 or 60 years old, the job market is a combat zone, no matter what your skills or experience. Battle-scarred veterans report that they’re passed over time and again for jobs which they are eminently qualified for. Successful applicants, ...

Book Cover Preview
Finding the Work You Love
The Essential Guide to Reinventing Your Life
Samuel Greengard
ISBN 9781402752407
352p. / Published 2008
7 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $14.95

Boomers reinvented society. Now they’re reinventing themselves. Finding the Work You Love explores both the motivations and the methods of those taking part in the social phenomenon known as recareering. Switching careers i...
Book Cover Preview
Get a Great Job When You Don`t Have a Job
Marky Stein
ISBN 9780071637732
560p. / Published 2010
8 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $21.95

Land the job of your dreams even in the toughest of markets!

Book Cover Preview
Get Hired in a Tough Market
Insider Secrets for Finding and Landing the Job You Need Now
Alan De Back
ISBN 9780071637053
224p. / Published 2010
7 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $17.95

Want tha...

Book Cover Preview
Get The Job You Want, Even When No One\'s Hiring
Take Charge of Your Career, Find a Job You Love, and Earn What You Deserve
Ford R. Myers
ISBN 9780470457412
224p. / Published 2009
9 x 6, Softcover
   Price: $20.95

Get the Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring

You CAN find a good job in a bad economy – but NOT with conventional search strategies.

New Rules for a New Reality

Today`s job market is the toughest ...

Book Cover Preview
Get Wired, You're Hired! 4th Edition
The Ultimate Canadian Internet Job Search Guide
Mark Swartz
ISBN 9781896324319
296p. / Published 2009
6 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $29.95

Net Yourself a New Job with Get Wired, You're Hired! Looking for an edge in your job search? The Net is your secret weapon. You can use it at every stage: For assessing your skills and interests; to explore career options; for r...
Book Cover Preview
Getting Back to Work
Everything You Need to Bounce Back and Get a Job After a Layoff
Linda Rolie
ISBN 9780071638678
288p. / Published 2009
   Price: $19.95

You can't always control losing your job, but you can control your reaction and the decisions you make afterward

In Getting Back to Work, Linda Rolie, an expert in strate...

Book Cover Preview
Getting the Job You Really Want, 5th Edition
A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding a Good Job in Less Time
Michael Farr
ISBN 9781593573997
240p. / Published 2007
8.5 x 11
   Price: $19.95

The most widely used workbook on self-directed career planning and job search!

This extremely popular workbook has been revised based on customer feedback and requests. This new edition still provides the highly successful core material that ha...

Book Cover Preview
Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0
How to Stand Out from the Crowd and Tap Into the Hidden Job Market using Social Media and 999 other Tactics Today
Jay Conrad Levinson, David E. Perry
ISBN 9781118019092
315p. / Published 2011
9 x 6, Softcover
   Price: $22.95

The latest strategies for job hunters revealed in this revised and updated edition This new Third Edition features the latest job-hunting strategies for the Information Age. You`ll discover key techniques to reach hiring manager...
Book Cover Preview
How to Find a Job in Canada
Common Problems and Effective Solutions
Efim Cheinis and Dale Sproule
ISBN 9780195427950
350p. / Published 2008
7 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $29.95

Written by Efim Cheinis, once a newcomer himself from Russia, and Dale Sproule, owner of the Canadian Newcomer Magazine, this second book in the Canadian Newcomer Series deals with all aspects of the Canadian job hunt as it relates to n...
Book Cover Preview
How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Other Social Networks
Brad Schepp
ISBN 9780071621335
256p. / Published 2010
   Price: $23.95

Finding the job of your dreams the old way just doesn?t happen anymore. If you want great pay, great benefits, and great satisfaction in your career, you must begin social networking.

How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twit...

Book Cover Preview
How to Find Work in the 21st Century, 9th Ed. (CD-Rom Incl.)
Ron McGowan
ISBN 9781551808581
216p. / Published 2009
6 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $22.95

Does it seem really hard to find work in the current market? Do you wonder why you get negative or no responses to your job applications? If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes, this book is for you. Now in its fifth edition, the bo...

Book Cover Preview
How to Get a Great Job
A Library How-To Handbook
Editors of the American Library Association
ISBN 9781616081546
176p. / Published 2011
8.25 x 5.5, Softcover
   Price: $15.95

In our difficult time, or at any time, knowing how to find a great job is a necessary skill. All the resources you need for a successful job search are at your fingertipsand completely freeat your public library. It can be a daunting task, so he...
Book Cover Preview
How to Get a Job You`ll Love
John Lees
ISBN 9780077129934
312p. / Published 2010
9 x 6, Softcover
   Price: $26.00

The new and fully updated edition of John Lees’ bestselling How to Get a Job You`ll Love will help readers unlock their hidden potential, find their passion and apply it to their working lives. Packed with new chapters, exercises and usef...
Book Cover Preview
How To Get Any Job, 2nd Ed.
Career Launch and Re-Launch for Everyone Under 30 (or How to Avoid Living in Your Parents' Basement)
Donald Asher
ISBN 9781580089470
240p. / Published 2009
   Price: $19.99

Donald Asher, believes that success comes from an alignment of passion and preparation. First tip: Your college major has very little to do with your job options. In fact, you can get to virtually any life-goal destination from virtually an...
Book Cover Preview
I Found a Job!
Job Search Strategies
Marcia Heroux Pounds
ISBN 9781593578145
208p. / Published 2010
9 x 6, Softcover
   Price: $12.95

People are looking for inspiration and hope after the global economic meltdown and the worst job market since the Great Depression. Job hunting has changed radically since the last time that many people looked for a job. This uplifting book expl...
Book Cover Preview
I See Your Dream Job
A Career Intuitive Shows You How to Discover What You Were Put on Earth to Do
Sue Frederick
ISBN 9780312554200
272p. / Published 2009
8.5 x 5.85, Hardcover
   Price: $25.50
You save: $3.55!
Now $21.95

Have you ever wondered what you were truly meant to do in life? Have you ever felt that you have a higher calling? Let career intuitive Sue Frederick show you the way.

In this first-ever book to combine ancient mystical teachings with curren...

Book Cover Preview
Job Hunting After 50
Carol A. Silvis
ISBN 9781435459090
208p. / Published 2011
10 x 7, Softcover
   Price: $15.00

The good news is that companies do hire mature workers. The bad news is that many baby boomer job seekers do not know how to carry out a modern job search or present themselves to employers in the way that best represents their background. Ineff...
Book Cover Preview
Job Search Handbook for People With Disabilities, 3rd Ed.
A Complete Career Planning and Job Search Guide
Daniel J. Ryan
ISBN 9781593578138
304p. / Published 2011
7.5 x 9.5, Hardcover
   Price: $22.95

This extensive handbook shows people with disabilities how to overcome obstacles they encounter when searching for employment. Readers learn how to identify their strengths, explore career options, and navigate the hidden job market. They also g...
Book Cover Preview
Job Search Magic
Job Search Strategies from America's Career and Life Coach
Susan Britton Whitcomb
ISBN 9781593571504
512p. / Published 2006
8.5 x 11, Softcover
   Price: $22.95

This book condenses all of the groundbreaking job search guidance from JIST best-sellers Resume Magic, Interview Magic, and Cover Letter Magic into one all-inclusive volume—plus a no-f...
Book Cover Preview
Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies
Joshua Waldman
ISBN 9780470930724
360p. / Published 2011
9 x 7.25, Softcover
   Price: $20.99

Use social media to land your dream job!
If you\'re looking for a first job, exploring a career change, or preparing to re-enter the job market after being out of it for several years, you need to take advantage of s...
Book Cover Preview
Jobs That Matter
Find a Stable, Fulfilling Career in Public Service
Heather Krasna
ISBN 9781593577872
304p. / Published 2010
9 x 6, Softcover
   Price: $14.95

Interest in public service careers has mounted substantially because thousands of people have shifted their focus away from corporate America to pursue jobs that are more secure and meaningful. Jobs That Matter empowers students, job seekers, an...
Book Cover Preview
Knock 'em Dead
Secrets and Strategies for Success in an Uncertain World
Martin Yate
ISBN 9781440506505
256p. / Published 2011
8.25 x 5.5, Softcover
   Price: $16.99

Finding a new job or a new career has never been more challenging. What if you could put your uncertain future in the hands of the global thought leader on job search and career management? Today you can!

Martin Yate takes you on a journey o...

Book Cover Preview
Knock `em Dead Book Set
4 Great Books - One Great Price!
Martin Yate
ISBN 1896324556
1000p. / Published 2013
6 x 9, Softcover (Various)
   Price: $65.84
You save: $5.89!
Now $59.95

The Knock `em Dead Book Set has four popular titles included. The job search is covered with this one essential set. It is a must for any school, library or employment centre!

Included is this book set:
Book Cover Preview
Knock `em Dead Job Search Kit
Your Ultimate Resource for Landing the Perfect Job
Martin Yate
ISBN 9781440524721
640p. / Published 2011
Paperback, Flash Cards, CD Rom
   Price: $55.99
You save: $10.00!
Now $45.99

For twenty-five years, bestselling author Martin Yate has been helping job seekers land their ideal positions. Now, you get it all in one place--everything you need to write the perfect cover letter and resume, plan and execute the most effectiv...
Book Cover Preview
Knock `em Dead: The Ultimate Job Search Guide (2014)
Martin Yate
ISBN 9781440562198
384p. / Published 2013
8.25 x 9.25, Softcover
   Price: $17.99

The definitive guide for job search success in today`s volatile market! For more than twenty-five years, author Martin Yate has shown the way for millions of job seekers. In this new edition of his New York Times bestselling series, ...
Book Cover Preview
Monster Careers
How to Land the Job of Your Life
Jeff Taylor
ISBN 0142004367
402p. / Published 2004
7.5 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $26.00
You save: $8.05!
Now $17.95

Quite simply, explains founder Taylor, "this book is about finding and landing your dream job." It’s not just for the unemployed—there are practical tips for recent grads, people looking for something better and anyone who might...

Book Cover Preview
Not For Sale!
Why We Need A New Job Search Mindset
Cathy Keates
ISBN 9780981103402
114p. / Published 2008
5 x 8, Softcover
   Price: $17.95

Most people think you need to get out there and sell yourself to find new work. Discover why a sales approach to job search can lead to frustration, isolation, and can cause a slow leak in your...

Book Cover Preview
Outwitting the Job Market
Chandra Prasad
ISBN 9781592283507
256p. / Published 2004
8.25 x 5.5, Sotfcover
   Price: $19.95
You save: $2.00!
Now $17.95

What do you need to take the job market by storm? Outwitting the Job Market will tell you all the essentials, from your earliest research efforts to negotiating your compensation once an offer rolls in. You''ll learn the basics on resume ...
Book Cover Preview
Put Your Mindset to Work
The One Asset You Really Need to Win and Keep the Job You Love
James Reed, Paul G. Stoltz
ISBN 9781591844082
275p. / Published 2011
8.5 x 5.5, Softcover
   Price: $18.00

The right mindset can make you three times more likely to get the job you want-and even less likely to lose it later. What does it take to get and keep the job you want? Ninety-six percent of employers argue that it`s not just about having the r...
Book Cover Preview
Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Grads
Finding a Path to Your Perfect Career
Sheila Curran, Suzanne Greenwald
ISBN 1580087094
336p. / Published 2006
7 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $21.95

Most people would love to have 20/20 hindsight on their careers. In Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Grads, college career experts Sheila Curran and Suzanne Greenwald have assembled the next best thing: the collective wisdom of a diverse and inspi...

Book Cover Preview
Teaching English Abroad, 10th Ed.
A Fully Up-to-Date Guide to Teaching English Around the World
Susan Griffith
ISBN 9781854585561
560p. / Published 2011
9 x 6, Softcover
   Price: $26.95

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to travel and work? Have you considered teaching English abroad? If you want to combine work with the chance to travel and see new countries, there are plenty of opportun...
Book Cover Preview
The Canadian Hidden Job Market Directory, 7th Ed.
Canada's Best Directory for Finding the Unadvertised Jobs
Editors for Sentor Media
ISBN 9781896324326
328p. / Published 2009
6 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $29.95

The Canadian Hidden Job Market Directory is now in its 7th edition! Completely updated and revised, find up to 80% of jobs that are 'hidden'!
Be there first for t...
Book Cover Preview
The Complete Book for Perfect Phrases for Successful Job Seekers
Michael Betrus
ISBN 9780071485661
544p. / Published 2009
   Price: $24.95

The Right Phrase to Land Your Perfect Job

No matter what stage you're at on the quest for the right job, The Complete Book of Perfect Phrases for Successful Job Seekers gives you thousands of phrases so you can project...

Book Cover Preview
The Gift of Job Loss
A Practical Guide to Realizing the Most Rewarding Time of Your Life
Michael Froehls
ISBN 9780983119203
194p. / Published 2011
6 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $15.95

Job loss can be one of the most life-altering, difficult situations to deal with. In this new book, learn how to turn job loss into an opportunity and grow. It may be one of the best things that has ever happened! Inside this book you will find ...
Book Cover Preview
The Job of Your Life, 2nd Ed.
Groundbreaking Steps for Getting the Work You Want
Karen Schaffer
ISBN 9781896324371
256p. / Published 2009
6 x 9, Softcover
   Price: $23.95

The Job of Your Life is a warm, funny, totally real take on what you really need to be dreaming about to change your career.
Author Karen Schaffer suggest radical new ways of thinking about work, jobs, passi...
Book Cover Preview
The Leap
Rick Smith
ISBN 9781591842569
224p. / Published 2009
8.5 x 6, Hardcover
   Price: $19.95

Have you ever asked yourself, "Is this it?" Maybe you're trapped in a dead-end job that you're afraid to leave. Or maybe you already have a good job — one that gives you room to grow and exercise your talents — but you don't really fee...
Book Cover Preview
The Panic Free Job Search
Unleash the Power of the Web and Social Networking to Get Hired
Paul Hill
ISBN 9781601632036
256p. / Published 2012
9 x 5.5, Softcover
   Price: $16.99
You save: $2.00!
Now $14.99

Job seekers are frustrated. Online job applications through job boards and employer sites are leading to dead ends. Why? Employers are closing the last chapter on the online application playbook. Inundated by online applications and hampered by ...
Book Cover Preview
The Twitter Job Search Guide
Find a Job and Advance Your Career in Just 15 Minutes a Day
Susan Britton Whitcomb, Chandlee Bryan, Deb Dib
ISBN 9781593577919
192p. / Published 2010
9 x 6, Softcover
   Price: $14.95

This groundbreaking book, from three leading career experts, shows readers how they can gain momentum in their job searches and careers through “tweets” that consist of fewer characters than a standard text message. Readers learn how to exponent...
Book Cover Preview
The Very Quick Job Search, 3rd Ed.
Get a Better Job in Half the Time!
Michael Farr
ISBN 1593570074
544p. / Published 2004
7.5 x 9.5, Softcover
   Price: $27.95
You save: $8.00!
Now $19.95

More than 215,000 copies in print!
The Very Quick Job Search is thorough and comprehensive and covers all the essentials of job searching and career planning. This book is results-oriented and inc...
Book Cover Preview
What's Next?
Follow Your Passion and Find Your Dream Job
Kerry Hannon
ISBN 9780811871150
260p. / Published 2010
8.25 x 6.5, Softcover
   Price: $26.95

Filled with inspiring stories from real people who have changed careers mid-life, What's Next? is an exciting roadmap for anyone looking to make their next job their dream job. From a former mortgage banker who's back in the classroom to a tough...

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